About Us

Why SchipkeSound?

SchipkeSound is the brainchild of Breen Schipke and is the end result of his wishing that he had had the use of a similar resource base when he was first starting out to try and  make a career out of music.

We specialise in helping those who are just starting in either audio or music, but who truly want to shoot for lifelong enjoyment and to have the ability to not only make music, but also get it down and make some money out of it.

We are a small, personal, home based business created around the providing a comfortable, affordable, one on one learning environment in a low key atmosphere aimed at making you comfortable and relaxed.

You can come to one of us, or we can come to you. Even our audio lessons are set up with gear that is completely portable and transferable to (almost) any environment. Wherever you may be making your music.